Alita Marie Designs, llc

In Which We Discuss Business

Discuss business I said.  Well---there are changes!!  I am now teaching...which I love!!!  I have taught before--dental assisting and tutoring at the high school--but teaching PMC (precious metal clay) is something I have been contemplating for a few years.  And I did it!  Two classes under my belt now and two more in the works.  I feel triumphant because this is a big step out of my comfort zone, and I am not too good at stepping out of my comfort zone.  So....

Two classes in Basic PMC at the Light Rail Gallery in Arvada were successful.  Mary is wonderful to let me use her space to teach my craft to others.  I will also begin teaching at Tracy's Place, 88th and Wadsworth.  I think this may be a mini calling!  Woohoo!  Hopefully I can show people the joys of PMC.  The calming effect.  How to let one's creativity take away the pressures of everyday life and move you to peaceful joy in creating art!  Wait--does that make me a sort of therapist?  Hahaha!

Anyway, here is the latest news on the home front:

Mom has in-home hospice now.  Such a help to both my son, who is a registered CNA and is living with her now, and myself, not to mention the help to my mother!  The first thing they did was take her off of the dreaded Warfarin.  Thank Goodness!!  No more bruising and lesions from that hated drug (they used to use it in rat poison.  Is it any wonder we wanted her off?)  Mom's memory is still lapsing and her breathing and physical abilities continue to decline.  I don't see her making it to Christmas.

My love , Eli, is fantastic.  Was just to Germany over my birthday and we had a great time.  Just like we were never apart.  I love that man.

And my business?  Well, the teaching has made me rethink doing all the shows, and so I will only be doing the shows I really want to do.  BIG shows news?  Well, it seems my booth isn't up to their standards, so we shall see.  Since it's only me having to lug all my stuff, including an 80 pound tent, around, I try to keep things minimal but still professional.  I really think I will do more indoor shows and teach in the 'outdoor' months except for one show a month.  I am still looking for a suitable venue for an indoor show to promote.  If you have any ideas, let me know!


Later my friends....