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On Being 62 and Running a Business While Caring for My Mom

On Being 62 and Running a Business While Caring for My Mom

The photo is of my mom just before the accident which took her independence.  We went to the Chihuily  Glass Exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Today is my birthday…62nd to be exact.  Man!  How did I get here?  No…really, HOW did I end up where I am?  Life is so not going as I had planned.

I am sitting in my studio while my mom watches game shows in the living room.  I have posted my blog, written a new one, listed an item for sale, and cried.

No one realizes how difficult it is to care for an elderly person until the time arrives and they are suddenly in your home.  Bam!  No privacy, no freedom, and for me—no money.  I have had quite a few setbacks financially since my last birthday.  Foundation issues, washer replacement, refrigerator replacement, catalytic converter –I did start a GoFundMe account(Foundation Issues), and though there are a few generous people out there who helped me at my lowest, there are no more donations coming in, and I am still simply getting by.  Mom has been generous where she can be, and I am grateful.  However, I do have my pride.

Hospital debts mounted with my mom in and out of the hospital, as well as rehab facilities, and I have been trying to help her with costs.  But the time has come for me to stop, because it’s HER debt, not mine, and I should not be struggling so either financially or with my little jewelry business.

My business has suffered.  I have this wonderful website, beautiful pieces I have designed and created, shows lined up, FB set up with each piece listed and on view and easily for sale, but my online sales have dropped because I just don’t have enough hours in the day to devote time to everything and to my mother.  Ugh!

There’s that annoying, nagging question:  How bad do you want it?

Answer:  Pretty damn bad!  I want to be successful.  The more money I make the more I can design and my life is filled with joy.  I have mentioned the factors involved in trying to jump start my little business again.  I am more committed than ever.  But success seems to be a tiny spec of light in an otherwise dark tunnel.

I do not think I made the wrong decision to have my mom move in with me.  Only my care brought her from the brink of death, and I know that.  And I know she is grateful.  But am I getting lost in the waves of everything going on here?

Only time will tell.  I am setting August, for private reasons, as the month for change if it is to happen.  I will readdress this at that time.