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Cardinal Rule



The Cardinal Rule:   a substantial rule that is in place in a certain situation or organization. And it must not be broken at anytime.

Today I worked a show—a first year show—and was SO sorry I broke my ‘No first year shows’ cardinal rule.  Not only was I stuck in a small space, but there was poor advertising resulting in poor customer turn out, poor signage, no directions as to where to go within the building to see the vendors available, and that left LOTS of wonderful vendors out of making their booth fee!

I made the booth fee plus a bit, but some did not make ANY money.  I did not see any ‘crap’ vendors, although there were a lot of first time vendors at this show.  That said, I always feel that people should at least make their booth fee and cover the cost of driving, etc, to a show.  If you don’t, then something is wrong.

However, when I asked, VERY FEW had actually marketed the event on their web pages, via email, or social media!  I think if you are going to work an event, then you have to do your part, too!  Let people know you are going to be there!!  Show pics of some of the merchandise you plan to bring.  You cannot blame poor turn out simply on poor marketing by the event sponsors.  It is your responsibility as a vendor to do some advertising to let folks know about a show!  We’re all in this together!

I am grateful to those wonderful ladies who purchased from me.  If you are one of them, my best regards to you and yours.  Glad you love the piece I designed.  I am happy so many stopped to talk and view and offer opinions.  I am thrilled so many let their ‘women’ side come out and actually tried things on.  And I loved the little stories customers relayed to me throughout the day—they kept me going.

But I was saddened by the lack of people traffic, the ebbing enthusiasm of the vendors, and my poor profit showing as a vendor.

Customers, if you know of a show, help out even if you aren’t going by sharing on FB or whatever social media you use.  Those of us who work the shows are just like you—trying to make a living.  Believe me, we appreciate any and all help!  Consumers make the world go round (and you thought it was fat bottomed girls!).  Love to you all!