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Gemstones and Their Meanings

Gemstones have been part of our lives since the beginning of time. Some, like Peridot, are mentioned in the Bible. The Egyptians and Persians believed Lapis Lazuli helped them stay out of danger. Native Americans called Lapis the ‘father’ stone, and Malachite the ‘mother’ stone for their various qualities. Merchants to this day often place Citrine in the cash register to promote wealth. Hematite was found on the super-hot planet Mars, meaning there was water there at one time, since Luminite loses water when subjected to heat, becoming hematite.

I use many semi-precious stones in my jewelry. If you have ever wondered at their properties, here is a brief list for you to reference next time you purchase one of my pieces. If you would like a certain stone or stones used in a special order, just contact me. I’d be happy to make a necklace of stones to fit your needs!

Agate: This stone was known in Biblical times as a talisman. It fosters love. Soothes emotions. Can even bring good fortune, health, and long life. Carry a little piece of agate in your pocket daily. I remember my grandfather doing this for years.

Amazonite: This is the writer’s stone…so all of you aspiring writers should be wearing the beautiful water-blue amazonite as you type or scrawl away. This stone enhances communication, especially concerning love! It aligns the body’s energy field, producing balance and restorative energy.

Amethyst: Sincerity and peace of mind. If you have major changes in your life coming up, this is the stone for you. It is also a great enhancer of spiritual awareness. A good stone for that Feng Shui day if you are moving. The soft purple colors are lovely.

Aventurine: This colorful stone aids in general healing, bringing balance in all areas. It also brings luck! Greens are said to enhance joy and balance yin and yang. This stone also helps with migraines and comes in many colors.

Carnelian: Got a project that’s going nowhere? Grab some orange carnelian and wear it for awhile. Not only is the stone a protection against envy, but also calms fears about death.

Citrine: Merchants, place a piece of yellow or orange citrine in your cash register, as this stone promotes wealth, strength, and personal power.

Coral: Though not technically a stone, this gift of the sea brings peace and guards against violence. It is one of the 7 treasures in Buddhist scriptures. A piece in your pocket is a talisman against evil.

Fluorite: This little gem can help those of us with osteoporosis by helping heal bone. It also helps ease transitions and helps one discover truths. From green to purple, this stone is magic.

Hematite: Besides being found on Mars, this shiny gray-black stone enhances memory and concentration. It is a grounding stone, connecting one with the Earth.

Howlite: Pronounced how’-a-lite. This stone was named after the man who discovered it in Nova Scotia—Henry Howe. It enhances personal creativity and expression. It is also good for those with procrastination problems. This stone is usually white, but can be dyed to simulate turquoise.

Jade: This is the fidelity stone, and comes in reds through greens. It balances opposing energies in life and promotes healing.

Jasper: Found in lots of colors, jasper generally is known as the patron stone of healers and counselors. It aids in healing, balance, and helps protect against negativity in one’s life.

Lapis Lazuli: This was the blue stone of royalty in Persia and Egypt, and was gound by master painters and used to produce that ultramarine paint color. Other colors may fade, but this paint made from lapis stays bright! Often known as the friendship stone. It is said to deter danger, and aids with growth and objectivity.

Malachite: This green stone brings about loyalty, love, and partnerships. No wonder it was called ‘the mother stone’ by Native Americans. It helps one cope with challenging situations.

Obsidian: Deep black and opaque, this stone is formed by cooling lava. It is said to improve vision, and help one accept changes. It was once called Apache Tears, referring to the long march of this proud tribe to their new home on a reservation. It is said they left a trail of tears.

Pearl: Another gift from the sea, pearls are good for the lungs, inner peace, and purity. Roll a pearl with a pen in good light. The best pearls will reflect the pen.

Peridot: The color of spring leaves, peridot (per-i-doe) brings about rebirth and renewal. It is the gem of Cleopatra, and often mentioned in the Bible. Have insomnia? This is the stone for you.

Quartz: Found in many colors from clear to rosy to black, quartz helps one become more aware and aids in spiritual growth. It was a stone of spiritual power used by the Mayans and Tibetans monks in ancient times.

Turquoise: Never immerse this stone in water, for it is quite porous. Always remove it to wash your hands. It will also turn green with age. This is the stone of contentment, aiding in problem solving, warning of illness, and protecting from danger.

Serpentine: Found in many shades of green, this stone brings good luck, happiness, and success. It is the official stone of Ireland.

Sunstone: Made of sandstone, this sparkly rust colored stone helps us explore our potential. It reduces tension, and aids in fertility.