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Living and Happiness

Living and Happiness

Went to a meeting for a group of women entrepreneurs today. Interesting group, to say the least. But some of the final questions, questions designed to spur thought and bring about enlightenment, were indeed thought provoking. And a couple stood out: The difference between living and existing. To me, existing is not not being able to thrive—being in survival mode only. So many in third world countries take this to the extreme, with life or death being held in the balance. I am appalled that in this time when we here in America have so much, that so many elsewhere have so little. I remember watching Star Trek and hearing one of the officers explain that poverty had been wiped out. Can you imagine? What if everyone in the world had the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential. In other words, to really be living their lives instead of wondering where their next meal (or bullet) was going to come from? We here in the USA often take so much for granted, don’t we?

The other question, seemingly innocuous, what do you do that makes you happiest? Well...there’s the obvious answer—spend time with my sweetie, and the other obvious answer—spend hours in the studio listening to mvyradio and creating amazing jewelry. Now, the time spent with my paramour is incredibly fulfilling, especially since he and I have so much in common. But what fills my inner cup more than anything is knowing I have brought happiness to someone. And many of those moments occur at my shows. I love the smiles of the people who purchase from me. Love the joy and even the changes in posture and attitude of my customers. Yes—those things bring me an enormous amount of happiness! Probably the most.

I want to continue living and bringing happiness. I think those are noble goals. There are a million others, of course, but I believe just those two could occupy one for a lifetime.

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