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Passages...Isn't it funny how quickly things can change? Friends drift away, loves the same. There with one breath, gone with the next.  Poof!

I truly believe that people are placed in your life for a reason, and you in theirs. I am sad to think that my raison d'etre has changed so drastically, and yet so gently. My heart is melancholy. But my head says to keep moving forward because there is more life out there.

I tried to show people, by example, some of the lessons of living. They, in turn, taught me so much:

Try to live your life to the fullest, for it's a gift taken away too soon from so many.

Remember to tell people you care about them, for that opportunity may pass before you realize it. Never be afraid to say 'I love you'. Some people go a lifetime without hearing those words!

Be kind to everyone you meet, because you never know what battles they are fighting. Kindness costs relatively nothing, but gives so much.

Praise good deeds and actions! Encourage when you can, and deal in tough love when necessary.

Remember there are many paths from point A to point B, not just the one you traveled. None of them wrong.

Eat ice cream for dinner sometimes. Ditto popcorn.

Peas are evil. OK...maybe not that one.

Remember to look for the blessings. They are often hidden, but always a constant.

These are some of the gifts I hope I have imparted and taken to heart. I may never again find those souls who have drifted from my life. But I find solace in the fact that they live within my heart and mind, and that their lessons are always available. It is my intent to make those lessons a part of my daily living, and so to become the best person I can possibly be. I would love nothing more than to have people say of me, 'She's truly a good person.'