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The Rocky Road to Success: Choosing what shows to work

The Road to Success:  Choosing what shows to work.


Today I am sitting at my computer with my last year’s calendar trying to decide which shows I should do.  It’s a hard decision.  I want my shows to be a success.

I love the shows for charities, and never mind donating one of my pieces.  Top Hats and Ball Caps is one which comes to mind.  It was a benefit for the Arvada Food Bank.  They asked me months before the event if I would donate one of my silver pieces, and I gladly obliged.  Food banks make it possible for hundreds to make healthy meals when little money is available.  Arvada has a back pack program, where food is distributed to schools, who in turn distribute the food to children who might not get a meal otherwise. I love this!

Girlfriends Night Out, held in April and November each year at Echter’s Greenhouse, benefits local Arvada charities while offering a great evening of sampling and shopping.  It is obviously a ladies-only event, and so my jewelry seems custom made for the occasion.  I do well there, and love the fact that I get invited back year after year.

Smaller and new shows perplex me.  I am still on the fence about them.  On the one hand, my profit margin is better at a smaller show.  But new shows present a challenge, and my head says to wait until about the third year when the bugs are worked out.  The search goes on.

You know, I love meeting people at shows.  And each show is an adventure—both for the vendor AND the prospective customer.  As a consumer, I think shows that are too large (over 100 vendors) boggle the mind.  My eyes glass over and I fail to really see what’s available.  But if a show is too small, there are too many private businesses, and not enough artistry for my taste.  It’s a personal call.  I would say that if a show is in your area, check it out.  Especially if the cost is nil to get in.  You never know what you’ll find.

And on that note, I think I will join artists at the Light Rail Gallery for Second Saturdays this summer, and also participate in the Ladies Only Sample Sale in Arvada…I will be a guest artist at the gallery.  If you’ve never been to the Sample Tour, it’s a blast and a half, with great values and some hidden treasures.  If you only go to two shows this year, this is one I recommend.  Tickets are available online, or through local Arvada businesses.

The other show I recommend, and it is a large one, is the Arvada Arts and Crafts Fair.  This is the show which took over for the holiday show at the Arvada Center.  It’s the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, and is fantastic!

Well, seems like my decisions are made.  Just have to gather enough money to pay for my booths and I am set for this season!  Hope to see you at one of my shows.  The events where I will be presenting my jewelry are listed under “Events” on my website, and will also be posted on Facebook about 2 weeks before the show.  Please stop by and say Hello!


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