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Well, Here I Go Again

Here I go again.  It is the new year and I am trying to start fresh.  Applied to 3 big jurried shows.  Scared.  Excited.  Am reviewing my calendar from last year to start deciding which shows I want to do again, and which I am going to drop.  With Eli gone (Yes, he chose to go to Germany for his job, and so here I am, rather alone.  We are going to try to keep this great relationship going long distance--I go out over my birthday next month), I have NO excuse for not putting effort into this business of mine this year!

So, once the shows are reviewed, I will be contacting the promoters to let them know I am interested this year.  And then I will be trying to find some great shows to become a part of this year.  Trying Horseshoe Market I think, Saturday Fairs, and a couple of others.  After my experiences with larger shows, I am not sure I want to be a part of a show with over 50 vendors.  Just too big and too many booths for people to really get a good look at if there are more than that.

I am proud of myself for recognizing that I am plenty good enough to play with the big kids.  It took courage to even apply.  GO ME!!

And with that, all I can say is:  I'm Back!  Let the good shows begin!

PS...I will also be promoting my first show this year--more on that to come.  And teaching beginning PMC at the Light Rail Gallery Feb. 11th and March 11th .  Please contact me if you are interested.