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What Place Music?

What place, music?  In my life it’s right up there with the things I can’t live without, like air, water, and food.  My soul was made for music.  My body cannot help but move, even in the car.  And my voice—out loud, singing loud and strong.  Make a joyful noise!

When I was a little girl of about five, my Uncle Corky came to our house to live for a bit.  He is the one I credit with getting my ‘addiction’ started.  Lloyd Thaxton, American Bandstand, KHJ radio.  Oh my—I danced, sang…did I say danced?

But the truth is, my love of music probably started in the womb (or long before, with my mom’s love of music and singing.  She sang with Jimmy Dorsey! I think it may have been genetic.) .  I can remember ‘Manana’, swing music, and my mother’s humming in the kitchen from the moment I was born—literally.  There are hoards of 78’s, and 33 1/3 rds to attest to this fact.  I remember the lull of music from the den far into the night .  Transistor radios, the huge wooden radio with the greenish speakers and shiny knobs atop the end table.  The turntable, and later the hifi console in the living room, complete with stacks of records.  Oh my, LOTS of music there.

And when I was old enough, I got my own turntable, where I played my yellow, red, clear, and black 45’s.  Oh my goodness, I thought I was so special with that turntable.  My parents may have regretted the gift, but it was a major turning point in my life, that record player.  Played my first Beatles album on that turntable.  My first Judy Collins and Joni Mitchell.  Songs for sleepovers, music for singing and dancing with the door shut.  And for crying my eyes out when that happened, too.

When I finally got my own stereo system, just a few days after moving out on my own, I was in heaven.  The sound was a vast improvement from the radio.  The bass deeper, the treble lilting, and my voice melded perfectly with those bands and artists.  I was in heaven.

I think Heaven must hold the greatest band ever.  Cliché, but true to me.  Heavenly angels like Prince or Frank…just imagine!  Elvis crooning!  Michael dancing and singing.  Ella, Bessie, Janis…wow!

It is my hope that I will live long enough to sing my great grandchildren to sleep a few times.  And listen to them sing, too.  Yes, that will be a little bit of Heaven!

I never want to be without music in my life.  Because there are and will be times that music will be the only thing which will get me through the night.  The only consolation.  And my only reward.  In the quiet, I will listen and sing and dance.  Let me never grow too old to do these things, or too lose that love. If I can no longer enjoy, it will be time for me to part ways with this Earth.  For losing the one thing that holds such a major portion of my soul would be unbearable.